What is the Blind Video Date?
The Blind Video Date is the first reality, dating game entirely cast, produced and aired on the internet. It is a 21st century adaptation of the 1960s game show The Dating Game.

Like the TV show, one contestant, typically a bachelorette, will question three bachelors, who are hidden from her view; at the end of the questioning period, she will choose one of the bachelors. Next, the winning bachelor gets a private 30-second chat with the bachelorette to ultimately decide if the final two contestants will agree to exchange emails. The game will last around five minutes.

Where can I learn more about Blind Video Date?
Please read this article: http://blastmagazine.com/the-magazine/gaming/gaming-news/blind-video-date-game-combines-social-tv-social-gaming-and-online-dating/

Where can I watch a sample recording of Blind Video Date?

Who is behind the Blind Video Date?
The Blind Video Date was co-created by Brian Fudge and Michael Mikikian, in conjunction with Michael Agbabian and Dwight D. Smith, and produced by Gickup Inc.

Michael Agbabian and Dwight D. Smith are TV producers with over ten years of experience. They are the co-founders of their production company, Mission Control Media, and are producers of Face Off, which is currently airing on the Syfy network. They have also produced Marcel's Quantum Kitchen,WCG Ultimate Gamer, Game Show Marathon, and Last Comic Standing, among other shows.

Michael Mikikian is co-founder of Gickup. Gickup specializes in video chat gaming platforms that enable the simple and quick creation of multi-player video chat games.  Brian Fudge is co-founder and CTO of Gickup and leads the technological development of the next generation reality entertainment platform.

Where and when will the registration and auditions be held this season?
The auditions will be held online on http://quickauditions.com/dating. The registration and audition will begin on or around January 1, 2013 and will last until February 1, 2013. You can register and audition online during those designated days.

What is the registration and audition process?
The audition will be comprised of three parts:

1) Registering online with Facebook Connect. We use Facebook to retrieve your email address, age, and photo. We will not sell your data or your friends' data, spam you with e-mails, post on your social networks or contact your friends without permission. You will also provide your sex and sexual orientation. Auditioners can use aliases if they like.

2) You will be required to select from pre-determined groups of interest that best characterizes you.

3) You will record a video no longer than fifteen (15) seconds and answer the following question: “If you were granted one wish, what would that be and why?”

What happens after the audition is submitted?
Once the audition period has ended, the public voting will begin on Facebook in a game called “Together Hot”. You are encouraged, but not required to, invite your friends to vote for you. Your audition/submission may or may not be used.

Who will be selected to play Blind Video Date?
The audience vote in conjunction with the Producers’ choices will determine the final four (4) or eight (8) contestants to participate in Blind Video Date.

How do you win the audition round called Together Hot?
The audience vote will comprise roughly 50% of the voting while the Producers will comprise the rest. The audience will help select their favorite auditioners. They will also select their favorite couples (one man and woman). To recap, it’s not only who is the most popular but which couple is the most popular.

When will you record Blind Video Date?
The final four (4) or eight (8) contestants must be available on February 8, 2013 to record Blind Video Date. It will comprise of up to two (2) matches. One match may have one (1) male contestant and three (3) female contestants while the second match may have one (1) female contestant and three (3) male contestants.

When will you broadcast the final recording of Blind Video Date?
The final recording will be broadcast on or around February 14, 2013.

Will the final contestants be paid?
Yes, up to $100 will be paid to each of the final contestants.

What other productions can I enjoy online?
Take a trip back to our first game called Secret Celeb.  You can watch the full video here on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxJZtEL8LZM